The funny thing about updating your website... that you uncover all sorts of images that you forgot about. There was an archive of some of the more awesome moments in my life that were unearthed when I took the plunge and redesigned my website after 8 years. I hope to NEVER wait that long again, but it sure did give me a kind of perspective on my life (and how it has developed), and brought me back to all the wonderful times I have had in the Bay Area since moving here over a decade ago. 

One of my oldest and dearest friends, Marcus Guillard ( took these pictures of me when I was in grad school. What I remember most is that I was super, duper bone tired. I was also really lonely, but at the same time incredibly happy. Marcus has always had a special way of capturing me at my most vulnerable moments, and I cherish him as one of the people that knows me best in this world.